Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Not a Doctor...

... but I play one on the intranet.

When I signed up for the Holly Jolly 5K, my registration fee entitled me to a three-month subscription to three different magazines. I'm a huge magazine junkie, so I jumped on it... knowing that I would need to cancel said subscriptions in three months to avoid being charged for the actual subscription.

I was excited to be able to choose People as one of my options. Last week's issue focused on people who had lost a significant amount of weight through natural methods (in other words, no surgery). I love reading these stories and I was thrilled to see that one of the individuals features on the cover was Sharee Hansen from Funeral for My Fat. I pop onto tumblr every now and then and I love her site, although I prefer following her through her Facebook page. I just find tumblr to be off-putting for some reason. Anyway, her story is incredibly motivating. If you have any interest in a healthy lifestyle I encourage you to check her out.

The entire issue was excellent. Until I came across the article about celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito. He's lost some weight recently and has a new diet book out. This is the blurb that accompanied a picture of the book. Like I said in my post title... I am NOT a doctor. Nor am I an expert on anything health related (with the possible exception of side effects of MS medication :p) But this disturbs me so badly. 850 calories a day? Your body burns more than that just by being alive. If you ask me (which I realize nobody did), this is an eating disorder waiting to happen. It's only for a month, but I have a really hard time accepting that this is healthy and an even harder time knowing that people are making money off this "plan".

Okay, rant over. Time for some HAPPY news! Which I desperately needed, as it's been a rough couple weeks for me and for SO many people I know. My favorite Disney-related blog, Disney in Your Day, teamed up with an Etsy shop called Enchanted Bridal for a giveaway/contest. The shop owner was looking for some new design ideas and I'm sooo excited to tell you that I got an email earlier that I won second place in the contest! I'm going to be receiving my idea as a rhinestone design to put on a tshirt!!! Check out Becky's blog to see what design I suggested. It shouldn't really come as a shock. Hehe.

In 42 days, I will be strolling through Epcot! I cannot wait.

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