Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Which I Rank the Best Picture Nominees

I am BACK from my wonderful four day trip to Walt Disney World!!! It was absolutely amazing and I will post about it soon. But right now, I'm getting excited for tomorrow... because tomorrow is OSCAR DAY!!!!

As per usual, I've seen all nine movies nominated for Best Picture. So here is my ranking... worst to first.

9. 'The Wolf of Wall Street'
In addition to this being a movie that unapologetically celebrated the sleaze of one completely unremorseful man... I thought it was incredibly boring. Not only will I be incredibly angry if it wins, I will be equally as angry if Leo wins Best Actor. He's done some amazing work in the past which he wasn't recognized for. If the Academy decides to reward him for a performance that just came across as overly caffeinated, I won't be impressed.

8. '12 Years a Slave'
I think this was a very important story to tell. And I think they did a good job with it. Sometimes, they did too good of a job and it made me question if some of the actors were actually... acting. I came home from seeing this and went to bed early and could barely sleep. It wrecked me. I have a hard time celebrating performances based on something so horrible. But I absolutely understand why it's nominated and I expect it to win.

7. 'Her'
This was a weird one. Although I thought ScarJo was pretty amazing without ever being on camera. The premise was interesting, but I didn't like the way it all played out. As far as movies about relationships with fake people go, I much preferred 'Lars and the Real Girl'. That was a charming movie. This one was... just odd. But again, I kind of understand why it was nominated. It's unique enough that I wasn't really surprised by the nomination.

6. 'Gravity'
This is ranked at #7 simply because I don't feel that movies should need gimmicks to win Best Picture awards. The movie was stunning... in 3D. I just don't think it has the same appeal in 2D. I fully expect this to win in several other categories (and deservedly so.)

5. 'American Hustle'
I enjoyed this, but don't think it's Best Picture worthy. 'Saving Mr Banks' or 'The Butler' should have been given this spot.

4. 'Philomena'
A very touching movie and a powerful performance by Judi Dench.

3. 'Nebraska'
I absolutely loved this movie. I don't think it has any chance of winning, but I would love to see June Squibb take the Best Supporting Actress award. This was such a sweet movie and I loved Bruce Dern's performance as an innocent, trusting man who wanted to see the good in people.

2. 'Captain Phillips'
Outstanding. Tense. Tom Hanks was robbed.

1. 'Dallas Buyers Club'
Until I saw this, 'Captain Phillips' was my choice and it's really hard to even compare the two. But this one gets my vote. It had all the elements of a Best Picture movie... humor, sadness, fantastic acting. I don't think this will win, but I am definitely pulling for Matthew AND Jared. I think Jared is the closest thing to a shoo-in this year, and I think Matthew has the momentum to be awarded.

I personally think '12 Years' is going to win. Not my choice by any stretch of the imagination but I'll be surprised if it doesn't win.

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