Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to Eat a Cupcake in Ten Easy Steps

Today is my nephew's fourth birthday. He is the youngest of all my nieces and nephews and I haven't seen him (or any of the other, either) in nineteen months. *sniffle* In honor of this I will be buying a red velvet cupcake from Panera for my dessert today! And just for fun, I decided to post these pictures I took three years ago on his first birthday. At the time, I turned them into a Facebook album with the same name as my post title. I also included them in this same format in a photo book I made for my sister. My Disney albums are my favorite albums on Facebook, but these pictures rank a very close second!

Just a quick note.. Sydney is my youngest niece, and the birthday boy's older sister.


Step 1:
Go to McDonalds with Daddy and Sydney while Mommy makes an awesome cupcake cake

Step 2:
Wait patiently while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" and then blow out the candle (with a little help from Sydney)

Step 3:
Gently poke your fingers in the frosting

Step 4:
Forget about being gentle and just pick up a huge handful

Step 5:
Shove as much into your mouth as you can

Step 6:
Make sure you get it all!

Step 7:
Smile at the camera because you know Nanny Sue wants to post this on Facebook

Step 8:
Smoosh some of the frosting in your hair

Step 9:
Leave nothing behind

Step 10:
Wash it all down with a big drink

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