Saturday, November 17, 2012

Having Fun @ Work

A couple months ago, I met a friend for lunch and she presented me with two baggies of cookies. They were essentially the same cookie, but she made them with two different recipes and was trying to figure out which one she liked best. So she let me judge. (They were both delicious!)

Well, that got my little mind working and I decided that it would fun to have a cookie contest at work! Now, I work with some pretty awesome people and we have a lot of fun. I wasn't sure if anyone would really want to play along, but it turns out that we had a blast.

We had eight people who baked, and I let everyone taste and pick their favorite. I was the only one who knew which person baked which cookie, so I didn't judge and I'm kind of glad because they were all delicious!

This is the ballot I made:

(That cute little chocolate chip cookie is courtesy of the Sugar Coma dingbat font.)

I wanted to make something slightly unique that I hadn't made for my coworkers before. So I found this awesome recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies on Pinterest:

They were really good with a little bit of heat! This was such a fun way to break up the week a little bit.

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