Sunday, December 2, 2012

Special Delivery!

I really, really love Christmas cards. I wish more people sent them because I get giddy when I open my mailbox and there's a Christmas card in it. I always get mine sent out early... I like being the first card that people get.

This year, I decided that I was going to do them even earlier than usual. The child in me wanted to sent them to the North Pole and have them postmarked that way. So I wrote up all my cards, stuck 'em in an envelope, and sent them off to Santa the North Pole postmarking station. (Click here for the address and instructions. You still have some time if you want to do this, too!)

Every year I save one of the cards I sent. I like looking back at them and seeing what design I chose each year. I love the one from this year. Are those birds not absolutely adorable? Not only did I keep a copy for myself this year, I *mailed* it to myself! I wanted to see the postmark that everyone else would be getting! And to make it even more fun, on the inside of the card I put the year and listed all of the people I sent cards to.

I think I may have started a new tradition! Here is what the postmark looks like:

And I think I'm kind of in love with those stamps! They're perfect.

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